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Gino's FM Corporation was established 30 years ago.

We have the best prices in supermarket, bakery, and restaurant equipments in town. Since, we have been committed to selling at wholesale prices  to the public and to provide the best customer service for our clients. We serve Latin America and the Caribbean  with their food industries needs.


Our ability to export our equipment to anyplace provides the better option for our  clients at the best prices available. 


Gino's FM Corporations? service to the world has placed us at the top  of many of our competitors.


We sell and represent only the highest-quality of commercial equipments from  all major manufacturing companies and distributors. Gino's FM Corporation provides the public with excellent quality in used equipment. We have commercial products  and parts for all of your individual needs. We have a large stock of different products in our warehouse at any  given time. Our broad selection of commercial equipments will fit your needs.


Our complete inventory of new and used equipment provides the better options for  our clients at the best prices available. Our vast inventory allows us to serve any size industry. Therefore we can offer you the most competitive prices of our  commercial products. We supply everything for supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants from the smallest  parts to the largest equipments of all kinds.

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