Designed to showcase product in customer-facing applications, the Migali C-12RM-HC one-section glass door merchandiser has an illuminated top panel that attracts guests and increases impulse sales. Product in the cabinet sits on four shelves, where an LED light shines to provide visibility. Customers can see product through the dual-pane glass door, and the handle is recessed to save aisle room. The door stays open at a 90-degree angle, helping employees stock product. The cabinet interior and exterior are powder coated for corrosion resistance, and because these surfaces are white, the unit blends into most settings.

Temperatures in this Migali C-12RM-HC refrigerated display case range from 33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, a level that can be adjusted to an ideal setting with digital controls. The refrigeration system is mounted in the cabinet bottom, elevating the storage so product is accessible without stooping. Cold air is created with R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant, and with forced-air cooling, this air is circulated uniformly throughout the cabinet.

Product Details

  • 12-cu.-ft. interior space
  • 4 shelves
  • LED light brightens the interior so guests can see product
  • Double-pane, low-E glass door showcases product for increased sales
  • Recess-mounted door handle
  • 90-degree, stay-open door design when users are stocking or cleaning the cabinet
  • Door is lockable to protect against tampering
  • Illuminated top merchandising panel
  • White powder-coated steel interior and exterior fit into most settings
  • Temperature holding range: 33-41 degrees F
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Self-contained refrigeration system is bottom mounted to lift the items stored on the bottom platform
  • Forced-air cooling for even temperature distribution
  • R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant
  • Automatic defrost
  • Pre-installed, 3-in. casters
  • Part of the Competitor Series®

Migali 1 Door Refrigerator C-12RM-HC