CALL MFOR QUOTE.The feature of the Stainless Automatic Spiral Mixer is that it can knead dough in a much shorter time and in small weights. Spiral dough kneaders are preferred in bakeries and patisseries because they shorten the kneading time. At the same time, a more homogeneous dough mixture is obtained, so the volume of the bread is larger. The machine can operate manually and automatically and has two time settings. The bowl, spiral arm and cutting blade are made of stainless steel. The bowl can be rotated in the opposite direction. and a motor for the boiler is also available (only for PMSP 100, PMSP 120, PMSP 160 and PMSP 250 models). It works silently as it is driven by a belt. It is movable and has fixing apparatuses. There is an emergency stop function and a security system on the boiler cover. There is a direct water connection system.

Automatic Spiral Mixer